Star Wars misconceptions

While checking the quote in that last entry, I stumbled into a forum thread on The misconceptions you had about Star Wars, when you were a kid. It's over a hundred pages of postings (that link is to page 104), so I've only glanced at it, but it's fun. Some examples:

  • like many people, i called lightsabers "light-savers" and [...] i assumed that that it was because they made light, so you could turn the lights out.
  • the main misconception i had when i was younger was that the millenium falcon and the USS enterprise were the same thing.
  • I thought it was "Lock asphalt into attach position". I thought they were planning on dropping concrete on the Death Star.
  • the first time I saw ANH I thought General Dodonna said "propane torpedos"... well, needless to say, my folks weren't thrilled at the thought of me being near the grill for a loooooooooooooooooong time since I so love to tinker with things.

As with many of the people who posted there, when I first saw SW I thought the stormtroopers were robots. I was also confused by the name "Obi-Wan"; I thought there was supposed to be some connection between the names "Old Ben" and "Obi-Wan," maybe with the "Wan" part meaning "One" or something?

Anyway, my very favorite from the ones I saw on that forum was the first one I saw:

In ANH I thought owi-wan said "As if millions of OYSTERS had cried out in terror...and were suddenly silenced."

"'Oh oysters, come and walk with us!' the Sith Lord did beseech...."

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  1. SarahP

    I assume they got the “Dark Vader” thing. Theo, for a long time, said “Light savers”.

  2. Nick Mamatas

    When I was a kid I used to think Star Wars was a good movie. WEIRD, HUH?

  3. Tonya L

    Them’s Fightin’ Werdz.

    (Oh hi there everyone…)

    The original three have a soft spot on my heart for 2 reasons.

    I happened to mention reason #2, at First Thursdays (monthly meeting of Spec Fic fans, sometimes authors, con organizers) just last night- how my mom starting teaching me the concept of the nature of God with The Star Wars example of ‘the force’, and one dude said, “Your mom used Star Wars to teach you about God. How cool was your mom!” The thought never occured to me until that instant.

    Oh hey, speaking of misconceptions, is that podcasting term on wiki right? The start of the “Name” section and the word breakdown at the very beginning changed in the last few hours. “…and so the term Personal On Demand broadcasting is preferred…” Then next paragraph starts with “As of 2005, the name had become established as “podcasting,” memorable because of its similarity to “broadcasting” and because of the iPod audio player’s popularity…”

    Can push technology really be “on demand”? To my understanding, it’s sent without the client explicitly asking for a one particular thing. I’m not quite too clear on that…

    Hope I’m not annoying anyone here…

  4. Shmuel

    I don’t know a thing about the etymology in question, but my understanding of the technology is that it’s not actually “push”; your RSS client of choice checks the feed at regular intervals and downloads any new installments.

  5. Jason Garten

    Question…… what is the difference of colors of the “light-savers” mean?

  6. Random Thoughts

    i called lightsabers “light-savers” as a kid…

    I’m an adult and that is what I still called them. Thanks for this invaluable information. I always thought that they were called light savers. I would have never known. I have seen all 6 episodes at least 2-3 times each.


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