Looking for a condo in Mountain View?

My next-door neighbors are moving, after fourteen years in their condo.

They haven't listed the place yet; I have no idea how much it'll go for. But I have a vested interest in keeping it in the hands of someone I can stand to share a wall with, so I figured it couldn't hurt to mention it here.

It's the middle unit of a three-unit building. (There are only five units in the whole "complex"; does that make it a condo simplex?) Two floors, fairly big back yard, small one-car garage built in. Probably two bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms, but I'm just guessing on that part. Probably somewhere on the order of 1100 square feet, but again I'm just guessing.

Someone who's as light a sleeper as I am might potentially have noise trouble with the place, but I think my noise issues have more to do with me than with the noise level actually being excessively high by normal-person standards. And even I seem to be slowly coming to an accommodation with the noise. (The only noise problem these days is the engines that start up, across the back fence, at 5:30 a.m. some weekday mornings, and I'm slowly learning to sleep through that or to go to back to sleep immediately after being woken up by it.)

Anyway, if you know anyone who's interested, put them in touch with me and I'll pass them along to the current owners.

This will make four of the five units having changed owners in the past two and a half years (starting with me). I get the impression people tend to stay here for a long time, so I think the changes of ownership happening so close together is just coincidence, but kinda interesting.

Huh--I should probably post about this at work, it being so close and all. Will try to remember to do that.

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  1. Kitt Mason [Mr]

    >but I think my noise issues have more to do with me than with the noise level actually being excessively high

    Yep, I used to suffer badly with noises from the neighbours early in the morning, even though the noise level wasn’t ‘excessively high by normal-person standards’. Sometimes I’d actually wake with indigestion!! A wise old man advised me – and the viablity of this will depend on your world view – to ‘bless’ the person making the noise!
    I’ve since advised my own adult daughter, in this kinda situation, to get into ‘thankful mode’: thankful they’re not slamming car doors or shouting at the dog: thankful they have a car and don’t have to rely on public transport, etc. Not only is it effective, but unusual noises – like an intruder might make – wake me ok!


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