Earworm: Somewhere That’s Green

The other day the song "Somewhere That's Green" (from Little Shop of Horrors, though I have the movie soundtrack rather than the cast recording that I just linked to) started running through my head (it had probably come up in iTunes while I wasn't paying close attention), and it still hasn't stopped.

But that's okay. The real reason I'm mentioning it is that I caught a bit of lyrics cleverness that I don't think I had noticed before.

Audrey is describing her dream home's accoutrements, and toward the end of the first verse she says it would have "A washer and a dryer and an ironing machine." I've always thought the phrase "ironing machine" was funny, but it wasn't 'til now that I realized it's an internal rhyme:

A washer,

and a dryer,

and an i-er-

ning machine . . .

To her credit, Ellen Greene doesn't sing it that way; she gives it a more natural intonation and rhythm, making it not just a joke but a subtle joke.

Anyway. I'm probably more amused by this than it deserves, and I've definitely now spent more verbiage on it than it deserves.

Hope to have a more substantive entry sometime soon. Been a long and busy week. Am way too sleepy/punchy right now to write anything coherent, as you can probably tell.

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