SF awards and upcoming deadlines

Some news about various speculative fiction awards, including some upcoming deadlines:

  • Hugo nominations are due next Friday night (California time), March 10. I hope to decide on my nominees this weekend. If you're looking for suggestions for things to nominate, you could check out (and/or add to) Cheryl's Hugo Recommendations list, and the NESFA Hugo Recommendations list (which currently has very little short fiction on it), and of course the new Campbell-eligible authors list.
  • The nomination deadline has been extended for the Carl Brandon Society awards. The Kindred award is for a "work of speculative fiction dealing with issues of race and ethnicity" published in 2005 (by any author); the Parallax award is for a "[work] of fiction created by [someone who self-identifies as] a person of color" published in 2005. To nominate a work, go to the nomination page. I think editors are allowed to nominate work they've published, and I think authors are allowed to nominate their own work; the awards are juried, so the number of nominations a work receives is irrelevant.
  • The 2006 Locus Poll & Survey (aka the Locus Awards ballot) is open until April 15, 2006. You don't have to be a Locus subscriber to vote. The drop-down lists of works are based on the Locus recommended reading list, but it's fine to write other works in if you're so inclined. They're also doing a special Poetry Poll this year; see the info box at the top of the main poll page for details.
  • The Strange Horizons Readers' Choice Awards 2005 ballot is open through March 17. Go vote for your favorite SH works from last year! If you haven't read anything, you can still take ten minutes to go look over the art choices and vote in the art categories. Btw, though this isn't an official statement on the subject, I personally strongly urge voters not to vote in a given category unless they've read/seen/experienced a significant number of the listed works in that category. In particular, if you've only read one or two stories we've published this year, I recommend going and reading a few others before you decide which ones are your favorite stories of the year.
  • I think I forgot to mention that the Nebula Awards 2005 final ballot is now available. (Sadly, no SH stories made the ballot. Not entirely unexpected, since no SH stories were on the preliminary ballot either.) (Btw, I'm sad to see that Ray V's "Glinky," which was on the preliminary ballot, didn't make the final ballot. Boo! Hiss! Still, there are plenty of other good pieces that did make the ballot.) I'm not seeing any information about when the voting deadline is, but those of you who are active SFWA members, go vote. And even if you're not a SFWA member at all, you can still go read copies of almost all the nominated stories for free online. Might give you some ideas for Hugo nominations, too, though most of the stories were published in 2004 and are thus ineligible for Hugos this year.
  • As I noted previously, the British Science Fiction Association Awards shortlist has been posted; members of BSFA and of this year's Eastercon are eligible to vote. Deadline is April 11. That page is also a potential source of ideas for Hugo nominees, and also links to some of the short fiction in free online versions. (I am not entirely disinterested here, as an SH story is on the ballot.)

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