SH 2005 story lengths

It's often hard for readers to tell how long a given story is, and various awards divide stories into categories by length.

So I figured it was worth mentioning that the following SH stories published in 2005 are novelettes (which is to say, between 7500 and 17,500 words long). We never publish novellas; our 2005 stories that aren't listed below are all in the short story category (below 7500 words). You can usually guess whether a given SH story is a novelette or not based on whether we split it across two weeks, but sometimes a two-week story is under 7500 words, and in rare cases we run a whole novelette in one week.

I'm not asking anyone to nominate SH stories for a Hugo, of course; this posting is aimed at people who were considering nominating any of our stories but weren't sure what length categories they belonged in.

The World Fantasy Award length categories are somewhat different, but so is the nomination process, so I won't go into that here.

Here are our 2005 novelettes, in order of publication:

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