WisCon about to sell out

By which I mean that WisCon is likely to reach their membership limit (1000 members) within the next two weeks, if not sooner. So if you want to attend and you haven't yet bought a membership, go register right away. They will not sell any memberships at the door this year.

If for some reason you haven't yet decided whether you want to go or not, maybe taking another look at the astonishing list of former guests of honor who'll be there will help you decide.

If you can't remember whether you've actually purchased a membership for this year or not, here's info on how to find out, copied from the latest email newsletter:

If you still have the WisCon brochure that you received about a month ago, you can check the mailing label to see whether we'd processed your registration by February 1. There's a section on reading your mailing label on page 10 of that brochure. If you purchased your membership after February 1, or if you can't find your brochure, you can send an email to the WisCon registrar and ask for confirmation

I don't know if they want the registrar's email address plastered all over the web, so in case not: it's the word "reg" followed by the number "30", all at wiscon.info (and all without quotation marks).

By the way, they've already sold out of dessert tickets and dealer's room tables.

Oh, and if you're going to want childcare at the con (for children ages 0 to 6), you must sign up for it by April 30. You can't sign up for it at the door.

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  1. naomi_traveller

    thank you! (i just registered.)


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