May Day

As I put it last year: Kam and I don't have an anniversary per se, but I do have fond associations between Kam and May Day/Beltane.

I was pleased to note that most of us who were at that Beltane party on the beach in 1992 were at Kam and Gerry's Beltane party yesterday. Continuity. Fourteen years later, and--though circumstances have changed--there are still connections.

It roundaboutly makes me think of Cat F's song "Right and Left Grand" (though the rhythm doesn't come through clearly if you just read the lyrics without the music):

The same steps that part us will bring us

new partners, to honor and guide.

Hand clasping hand, weaving right and left grand,

I will meet you again on the circle's far side.

(It makes a nice poly love song, though I don't know if Cat intended it to be such.)

And there were a bunch of other cool people at the party Sunday night, too; some I've known for ten years or more, some I've just met. And the night before, I attended a baby shower that also had a nice mix of old friends and new. (Plus chocolate.) I'm not awake enough to articulate it, but it's all feeling connected somehow.

. . . I feel like I should write about politics: about it being International Workers' Day (my father was, after all, a card-carrying Wobbly), and Mother Jones's birthday (only it turns out that it actually isn't; she just claimed it was), and especially, of course, about the Day Without Immigrants. (See also cool overhead photo in the Seattle Times article.) But I'm too sleepy.

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