Been neglecting my journaling lately; sorry about that. (. . . I wrote this entry last night and thought I had posted it, but it turned out that I had instead accidentally posted an unfinished entry about Battlestar Galactica. Oops.)

(Before I continue, a sort of a puzzle: what do the names Barney, Corona, Hawken, and Wesson have in common? May be obvious, but in case not, there's a big hint, implicitly, later in this entry.)

I have no particular memory of what I did last week, so I'll start with this past weekend.

Saturday, did some assorted bits of house-cleaning and bill-paying and such, then went up to SF to pick up Mary Anne after the workshop she was teaching. Proceeded to spend most of the past few days hanging out with M. Sunday, we had brunch with Thida and Castor and their kids; then I took M up to her reading in SF, then back to a little gathering at Ian & Elle's, where I got to see various people I haven't seen in a while. Nice, low-key, relaxed.

Monday was errand day; saw Kam (who's trying to fix M's very sad computer), then ran into Arthur E and CJ S (one of the two CJs I know with a last name that starts with S) and chatted with them for a while, then spent a while at the Sprint store in downtown Palo Alto trying to get my Treo keyboard repaired. Also stopped at the shoe store down the block (the salesman seemed to me to be openly contemptuous of my wanting to get good walking shoes for use on a treadmill (but I may've been projecting; I'm still kind of irritated at the shoe industry over the fact that running shoes and walking shoes are different kinds of shoes), and/or of my desire that they not be made of leather). Somewhere in there we stopped at Shady Lane, an entire store full of pretty stuff (if I didn't already have too many tchotchkes, I'd be tempted to buy half the stuff in the store every time I go in), and I bought a stained-glass dragonfly ornament that I may either hang in a window or put in the garden.

Then we wandered over to Stanford Shopping Center, where M showed me the Smith & Hawken garden-accessories store, and she got some jeans.

Sadly, M's computer is still in bad shape, and may end up having to be sent in to Apple to be fixed. But Kam loaned M a laptop to use for the time being. (And, happily, Kam is feeling better; she was sick Monday.) (And it turns out at least some of the data from the laptop's hard drive is recoverable. Yay for Kam and her disk-recovery tools!)

Tuesday I finally got some magazine work done, but I'm still way behind where I should be. Hoping to do more today (Wednesday), though there may not be much time, given that Twig is coming over to talk with various people about estimates for work on my deck and yard, and then in the late afternoon M and I are heading up to SF for the Strange Horizons/SLF fundraiser.

When I describe all this it sounds awfully busy, but there's been a certain amount of lounging in the sun and a certain amount of continuing to read Tigana, which I'm still loving. Not as much poi practice as I was intending, but still trying to step outside for at least a couple of five- or ten-minute practice sessions a day.

4 Responses to “Catchup”

  1. David Moles

    Six letters.

    (Though clearly the answer you’re looking for is “Smith &”, or anyway “Smith-“.)

  2. Cat Faber

    They all have six letters; they all have an N in them; they all either are or contain an English word that is not a proper noun.

    Did I mention I’m learning to play Scrabble?


  3. Mitch

    Hi – if you are learning to play Scrabble and shop in Palo Alto, I wanted to make sure you knew about the Palo Alto Scrabble Club

  4. Jed

    Thanks for the info, Mitch. But just to clarify: the person who posted this journal entry (me) lives near Palo Alto; the person who posted about learning to play Scrabble (Cat) lives very far away from Palo Alto.


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