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Mary Anne pointed out that I haven't posted since shortly after my arrival in Chicago last weekend. I've been intermittently working on (and adding to) the long queue of journal entries that await posting, but I thought I should toss in a quick placeholder to say hi, I'm still here, still planning to post some more entries soon.

Very brief recap of past week:

  • Fireworks with M and her friends at the lake on the 3rd. Cool. One million people. Food from KFC.
  • At some point during Chicago trip, saw Cafe au Lait with M. Excellent French poly movie; totally charming, very funny, highly recommended.
  • Too Much Light with M on the 4th. Great as usual. Bought two books of their plays, plus a DVD (!!!) of a performance. Amazing fireworks all over the city afterward.
  • Overall, it was a really good Chicago trip.
  • Flew home on the 5th. Kam picked me up, and was very patient with the very long wait for my luggage.
  • Back to work on the 6th.
  • Last night, Superman Returns with Kam.
  • Today, read some subs, did a little bit of yard work, practiced poi, worked out some new approaches to coping with email spam, and got a start on my backlogged dishes.
  • Tonight, a "33 1/3" birthday party, which I'm late to, so I really oughtta get going.
  • Tomorrow, brunch with MB&B, followed perhaps by a video game convention with Kam (featuring a bunch of '80s arcade games, as I understand it), possibly followed by Pirates of the Caribbean II. And I ought to read some subs and do some editing somewhere in there.
  • Lots of thoughts and discussions mixed into the above about author gender in sf and various other issues currently making the rounds in the blogs.
  • Also some reading; nearly done with Bastard Out of Carolina, for example.

More on most of those items to follow eventually.

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  1. Colin


    Not just any “videogame” convention. California Extreme is possibly the single greatest collection of pinball machines and video games, including prototypes that never made it to market all set to free play!

    Though I can’t vouch for whats there this year, in previous years there’s been not 1 but 2 prototypes (the only two in existence) of Marble Man (Marble Madness 2 and you will find the reason it was never released), one of 3 surviving Military Battlezones (for those of you unaware, back in the day Atari was contracted to create a version of Battlezone based upon the Bradley fighting vehicle which was going to be put in messhalls throughout Army bases everywhere. Sure beat the slimy military recruiter who hung around BZ all day at Time Zone in San Antonio Shopping Center,) many other Atari prototype games that never made it to production are almost always there.

    There are panels with designers, a pinball tournament divided up between amatuers and pro’s as well as games for sale much higher than you might normally pay!

    On the pinball side, there’s everything from the old EM’s from the 50’s to all the latest games from Stern as well as Big Bang Bar, Capcom’s last pinball machine which never made it into production which has a great sleazy outer space theme and was a fun to play as well (about the only Capcom pin that was.)

    One way of thinking of CA Extreme is imagine going to a classic car show and being able to drive all the cars for free.

    It’s dark, it’s noisy and it’s a lot of fun!

    If I weren’t living in Reno still unpacking I’d probably be there myself!

    Have fun!



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