TSA prohibited items

The US Transportation Security Administration has updated its Prohibited Items list. If you're traveling by air in the US anytime soon, take a look at the list. Also check it again before you leave; it may be updated frequently.

Note that, in the US, gels and liquids can be packed in checked baggage, just not in carry-on bags.

Also note that, in the US, electronic devices are not prohibited in carry-on bags. I traveled this weekend with my full usual complement of electronics (MacBook, Treo, iPod, digital camera) and had no problem taking them on the plane with me.

2 Responses to “TSA prohibited items”

  1. Nonny

    Glad your flight was mostly uneventful. Unfortunately, the impression I’ve gotten around the Web is that the restrictions are varying airport to airport. Hopefully it will continue to settle down. *crosses fingers*

  2. debby B.

    Wow, scrolling through the guidelines was actually fascinating. Thinking about how fast they must have put them together, I was impressed by the tone (we will work with you but please take us seriously) and comprehensiveness. All my “What about baby food?” questions were answered and some I never thought to ask. The issue of gel filled bras would never have occurred to me, but, if the whole point of such a device is to hide your mascectomy, having a security guard force you to throw it in the trash along with the water bottles and pressurized cheese spread would be counterproductive.


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