Followup congratulations

Last night I posted a cryptic congratulatory note about an unnamed writer friend; turns out that if only I'd waited a little longer, I could have skipped the crypticness. I already posted a link in comments on that entry, but for the benefit of those of you who read this journal via LJ etc:

Huge congratulations to Sarah P for selling her YA fantasy trilogy to HarperCollins!

Sadly, the first book (Magic Thief) won't be on bookstore shelves until early 2009, to avoid getting lost in a deluge of other YA fantasy books in 2008. But still: so cool! Yay, Sarah!

One Response to “Followup congratulations”

  1. sallytuppence

    Thank you, Jed! Sorry about the crypticness. Tim’s going to put it in the February Locus! I’m very psyched about that…


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