Items: news, congratulations, etc

A few assorted tidbits I've been meaning to mention:

  • adfamiliares and jere7my got engaged! J7y also posted a great photo of the totally cool ring. Congratulations again!
  • I mentioned a while back that Pam E. had successfully given birth to her and Arthur's second child, but I wasn't sure at the time that it was okay to say more. I later got permission, but neglected to actually post about it. So I'll just note that the baby's name is Robert, he goes by Robby, everyone concerned is still happy and healthy, Ray seems to be coping well with having a sibling, and last time I saw him, baby Robby hadn't yet learned to let his parents sleep through the night. At some point I may remember to actually take pictures; I keep forgetting.
  • Sarah L. has a blog!
  • Strange Horizons now has a podcast! Follow that link to sign up for it via the iTunes Store (though the link may not work consistently yet), or you can subscribe to it directly by pointing your podcast-subscribey-thingy to (For example, in iTunes on the Mac, you can do that by choosing Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast.) Susan's planning to make this a weekly feature. (We're working on various other unrelated bits of high tech, but we're not ready to announce those yet.)
  • Ben R. mentions that his SH story "The House Beyond Your Sky" will be reprinted in three of the four Year's Best volumes that cover American science fiction from 2006. Go, Ben!
  • Speaking of Ben's story, we've put a Creative Commons license on it, at Ben's request; Ben further asks that people remix the story. Excerpt it, turn it into an animated cartoon, translate it into Klingon; anything you like, as long as it's noncommercial and you attribute it with a link back to the SH version, and as long as your use of it has the same license as the original.
  • The Preliminary Nebula ballot has been released, and Dora Goss's SH story "Pip and the Fairies" is on it! We're very excited; this is only the second time an SH story has appeared on the preliminary ballot, and only the third time an SH story has appeared on any Nebula ballot. This year's short-story category is interesting: three stories from F&SF, one from Subterranean Magazine, and three from assorted online venues. F&SF is also heavily represented in the Novelette category. (And congratulations, Barzak, for making the list!)
  • . . . And another friend told me about their great publishing news that I'm not allowed to repeat yet. But I will repeat it later when it becomes public. Go, person I can't name publicly yet! Apologies to everyone else for being cryptic.

I think there was something else I meant to mention here, but I'm blanking on what it might've been.

4 Responses to “Items: news, congratulations, etc”

  1. Reinie

    Hi, thanks for the link to Sarah L. It’s interesting to see folks from high school on the web. By the way, you forgot the semicolons after the & nbsp in the last item on your list.

  2. SarahP

    Well, Jed, I’m going to assume the cryptic remark is related to my email to you…

    At last, it’s official! Thanks for the cryptic congrats!

    So psyched about Dora’s story.

  3. Jed

    Thanks, Reinie! Don’t know how I missed that. …I’m not recognizing your name, but I assume from your “high school” comment that I know you?

    SarahP: YAY! I’m amused that if I had just waited another 12 hours or so to post this, I would’ve been able to link to your entry and wouldn’t have had to be cryptic at all.

  4. Reinie

    Jed – It’s been quite a while. I’m about a year younger than you and used to hang out with Jed Bell and others. I was the blond Dutch kid who moved to Holland after sophomore year. I stumbled on your blog while looking up Jed on the web to see what he’s up to. I come back from time to time for your links and stuff. What can I say, it’s good reading.


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