’80s hits in iTunes Store

A while back, I mentioned that the famous video of "Take on Me" (possibly the first music video I ever saw, and certainly one of my favorites) had been briefly available at the iTunes Store, but had then been taken down.

As you can see by following the link above, it's now back. Catchy tune, cute guys, falling into the world of a comic book--what more could you want in an '80s pop video?

I also just discovered that another long-awaited piece has finally shown up at the iTunes Store. For some time now, they've had Nena's 2003 album 20 Jahre, featuring modern performances of a bunch of her songs. The presence of this album duped a lot of people into buying the version of "99 Luftballons" (the catchiest song about global nuclear war that I know of) that it includes. But now, finally, you can get the real thing: the original "99 Luftballons" (German) and "99 Red Balloons" (English), along with the rest of the 99 Luftballons album. Pop nostalgia at its finest. Very satisfying to finally have this. I ended up buying the whole album, 'cause there are a bunch of other kinda catchy light '80s pop tunes on it.

Speaking of German pop songs that made it big in America, the iTunes Store has had the German version of Peter Schilling's "Major Tom" for some time, but sadly still hasn't acquired the English version. There's a '94 EP with various remixes, but that's not the same.

I continue to find it remarkable how much '80s pop culture got into my head, given how hard I tried to avoid it at the time.

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  1. Amy Sisson

    Oh, you bring back memories! I was an exchange student in (then West) Germany for my junior year in high school, and I think “99 Luftballons” was out right around that time. Will probably look over at iTunes for it.

    I do have one concern about iTunes (I’m a newbie there, having gotten a bunch of free songs through a promotional offer from Continental Airlines). We had dial-up at the time so I used my work computer to download. My work computer has since been replaced, and iTunes informed me (if I understood it correctly) that I’m partway through my lifetime allowance of 5 computers on which these songs can play. Since I have no control over how often my work computer is upgraded, and I’ll have to upgrade my home computer eventually, I find that a bit worrisome. I mean, I did PAY for the songs. But I assume I can burn them to CD or DVD…. I’m a little challenged in those areas.

  2. sallytuppence

    99 Luftballons always makes me think of Ben Rosenbaum…

    And oh, I remember that Ah-ha video, which was one of the first I ever saw, too. This fall, the Hawkeye Marching Band did an eighties show, and this was one of the songs they did. Imagine, if you will, the 150-piece band across the street from my house, practicing “Take on Me” for hours every day. It’s no longer one of my favorite songs.

  3. Jed

    Amy: You can only have 5 computers registered at one time, so whenever you give up a computer, you should de-register it from iTunes. I think it’s possible to de-register a computer that you no longer own, but I don’t remember offhand how that works. But probably Googling [iTunes unregister] or something like that will yield the answer.

    And yeah, you can burn them to CD if you want to as well. In fact, it’s a good idea to do so, because in theory if something goes wrong with your hard drive and you lose the songs, Apple won’t give them to you again. In practice, from what I’ve heard, Apple has generally been willing to let people re-download lost songs the first time it happens, with a stern warning to back them up this time.

    Sarah: I still have yet to see Ben’s performance of “99 Luftballons,” alas.

    I’m sorry to hear about the marching band ruining “Take on Me” for you. Kids these days have no appreciation for the classics.


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