Year’s Bests interim report

The majority of the Year's Best reprint volumes have posted tables of contents; I've been updating my Year's Best info site with links to ToCs as I find out about them. (Thanks especially to Roger S for providing several links to ToCs.)

I've also added three new entries to that site (without ToC links, obviously) for planned 2008 volumes; if you know of others, let me know.

In a couple of cases, the ToCs are not quite complete yet. In one case, I didn't include a link to the not-quite-complete fantasy half of YBF&H because my system doesn't allow for multiple Contents links for a single book; so I linked to the complete horror ToC for that book, and when the book's whole ToC is finalized I'll link to that.

I've updated the Strange Horizons Awards page to list all the reprints that are public information so far. I also finally updated that page to list Ellen and Gavin and Kelly's honorable mentions for SH stories (and a poem) from last year's YBF&H (for works published in 2005); sorry to take so long to do that.

I know that Awards page is not especially attractive or easy to read. Working on a redesign.

Anyway, congratulations to all whose work has been chosen for reprinting.

I have one general recommendation for published authors, regardless of where you've been published: Please keep your editors apprised of changes in your contact info, at least through January of the year following publication. I know of a situation where a story might have made it into a YB if the YB editor could have contacted the author in time, and several situations where YB editors have had a hard time tracking down authors. So to put it another way, whenever you change your email address you should tell any editors you've sold to recently.

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