At various times, there were three different plans for various people coming over Friday evening. I eventually cancelled all of them in favor of having some alone-time at home, something that was in short supply this past week. Fortunately, my friends are understanding about such things.

I ended up not leaving work 'til a little after 7:45 Friday night, which was later than I'd intended. But I was still going to have an hour to write for SWAPA (the APA I'm in) before the 9 p.m. deadline. Except that moments after leaving my building at work, I discovered that my badge was missing.

I knew I'd had it three hours earlier, and I was pretty sure that it was either at my desk or in the meeting room I'd been in earlier. But of course I couldn't go look for it, 'cause I'd just left the building. So I called Security, and they eventually arrived, and I eventually found my badge, and all was fine except that that whole process took half an hour.

So I rushed home, wrote for SWAPA, had a late dinner, poked around on I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER? (as noted a couple entries ago), and did some general cleanup. It was not as relaxing an evening as I'd hoped for, although I did spend a couple of hours skimming the first half of an SF novel that was headed for the giveaway stack.

Was awakened Saturday morning much too early (by machine noise from outside, I think), took a Benadryl to go back to sleep, ended up not waking up 'til noon. I suppose I needed the sleep, but it left me with a couple hours less to get stuff done than I'd been expecting.

Fortunately, I had already decided not to go visit the tall ships that day; it turned out you need a reservation, and they were sold out. May go next weekend, when they'll be in Oakland; must remember to make reservations for that.

Spent most of Saturday afternoon cleaning, partly 'cause it was way past time to clean the place, and partly 'cause company was coming. Managed to find time to mow the lawn; that's two weekends in a row! We'll see if I can make it a habit. It really only takes about twenty minutes now, and it's good exercise. (I use a cool lightweight Brill Luxus manual mower.) Didn't manage to clean my room, though; that would've taken another few hours.

Saturday evening had a nice date with zellandyne. We had sushi in downtown Mountain View, then went to see Music and Lyrics. We both enjoyed the movie--I thought it was thoroughly charming and fun (though lightweight), and Z described it as "cheesy" (but in a tone that made clear that that was a good thing in this context). This is not a good movie to be late to--one of the best bits is the opening sequence, which is a dead-on pastiche of an '80s pop video, featuring Hugh Grant in very tight pants as one of a Wham!-like duo called "Pop!", singing a song called "Pop! Goes My Heart." I'm tempted to buy the soundtrack (it's like nostalgia for songs you've never heard before), but sadly, the iTunes Store lists almost all of the songs as album-only, and I'm not sure I want to buy the half of the songs that don't feature Hugh Grant. Anyway, the movie doesn't make my top-three list of romantic comedies (all of which are also Hugh Grant movies), but it's funny and fun and charming and a little bit sappy (in a good way), and the songs are catchy, and it's definitely worth seeing if you like this kind of thing.

Slept late this morning again, thanks again to Benadryl (I'm taking a break from NyQuil as a sleeping aid, having used that on Wednesday and Thursday nights; I really hope there isn't as much early-morning noise this coming week), and puttered around for a couple hours (I have no memory at all of what I did in the early afternoon--reading books, I guess?), then hung out with Z some more. After dinner, dropped her off in San José and came home, and took some photos of the neighborhood bunnies nosing around my car (I don't want them to get the idea that underneath the car is a good place to sit, but they were very cute), and then spent too much of the evening reformatting and reorganizing the Strange Horizons Awards pages. It's needed doing for a long time, and I was in a mindless sort of mood, so that was fine; it's just that I had a lot of reading and editing to do that I didn't work on this weekend at all. (And speaking of procrastinating, I really shouldn't have spent as much time as I did this evening reading various Wikipedia entries related to Wham!)

Also somewhere in the past few days I finished re-skimming Tehanu, which is still gorgeous; by far my favorite of the Earthsea novels. I hope to write more about this at some point, but knowing me, that's probably not so likely. Short version: Even when I was a kid, the original trilogy wasn't among my favorites (though I've always liked Le Guin); re-reading it over the past couple weeks, I've found that it's too epic-fantasyish for me, although she does nicely subvert the genre in various ways (and the entire trilogy is shorter than a single volume of most epic-fantasy trilogies these days). But then I got to Tehanu and fell in love all over again--characters I could really care about, a prose style that works better for me, difficult emotional stuff. It's a little heavier-handed on the gender stuff than I remembered (but still not nearly as much so as I'd originally been led to expect), but still really good. And it does a much better job than I'd originally thought of connecting to the original trilogy; almost all the seeds of Tehanu are there in the trilogy if you're looking for them.

Anyway, moved on from there to re-skimming Tales from Earthsea, also still good. When I get through that, I'll finally get back to reading The Other Wind, which I put down halfway through a couple weeks ago on realizing that the earlier books and stories weren't fresh enough in my memory to get full value out of it.

And now it's Sunday night and I have lots of magazine work to do and really no desire at all to do it. I think I'll go get a cookie (I bought way too many girl scout cookies last week) and then settle down to a couple hours of editing, and then to bed.

4 Responses to “Weekend”

  1. Josh

    I have a friend in Pasadena who’s had some sleep difficulties, and recently (ish) mentioned that she’d tried Sonata and Ambien as sleep aids; I couldn’t remember if you’d ever tried them or not, but figured I’d pass along her recommendation.

  2. Reinie

    Thanks for the comments on Music and Lyrics. I was wondering whether I should go see it, but between your comments and the YouTube version of Pop! Goes My Heart I’m convinced.

  3. Jed

    Josh: Yeah, I tried Sonata a few years ago, briefly, and Ambien more recently.

    Sonata worked well for me briefly, but then stopped working–and my doctor at the time told me it was mildly addictive and that I shouldn’t take more than about ten of them total. Then a couple years ago (a couple weeks before my father died), when I was having really serious trouble sleeping, I tried Ambien (my doctor at the time said they were no longer prescribing Sonata); Ambien was very effective in making me sleep, but it didn’t make me feel really rested the way it did your friend. (And the way NyQuil and Benadryl do for me.)

    But also, Ambien has been in the news lately: the FDA is requiring stronger warning labels on Ambien and other similar drugs. The idea is that people end up doing a lot of stuff–including driving or having sex–while “asleep,” with no memory of it later…. Which fits with various anecdotes people told me while I was taking it; see Merrie’s comment on my journal entry that I linked to above.

    Reinie: Aha! It hadn’t occurred to me to chech YouTube. For anyone else interested, here’s the Pop! Goes My Heart video. …I don’t recommend watching the other clips from the movie on YouTube, though; I think the other song sequences in the movie work better in the context of the whole movie.

  4. Mimi

    LOL, I know exactly how you feel about being a lone for a bit. Happens to all of us, no matter how much you like to be with friends, family or spouse; it is just so nice to just be alone at home, do your own stuff and clean up a bit. its a pity there arent more hours in the day to do that sort of things. Byebye

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