The week just zipped past.

Some assorted bits of it:

  • "Pop! Goes My Heart" ran through my head for about five days, pretty much nonstop (with occasional brief breaks for other catchy tunes, like "Seasons of Love" from Rent). I finally realized Thursday night that it had stopped running through my head, so of course I had to stop and try to remember the name of the song that was no longer running through my head, which of course set it off again. Sigh.
  • (I heard about mysterious thing I can't talk about yet #1 on Monday.)
  • Monday evening, watched more Horatio Hornblower with Naomi. This time, Our Boys spent much of the episode languishing prettily in a Spanish prison. If I were into hurt/comfort slash, I would've been in paroxysms of delight. But even without the interest in H/C, it was worth seeing.
  • I totally failed to note the Spring Equinox as it went past. That was Tuesday, March 20. Had I noticed it, I would have posted my usual spring-felicitations note; but since I didn't, I'll just point you to Twig's spring-verses entry from last year, which includes the traditional Swinburne bit. "For winter's rains and ruins are over"--let's hope so, anyway.
  • Got a chance to chat with Mary Anne, for the first time in a while.
  • (Mysterious thing I can't talk about yet #2 occurred on the evening of the 20th.)
  • Many more submissions arrived. I think I neglected to mention here that we received 324 subs in February, which made it the fifth-highest-volume month ever; the only months with higher volume were the last four Januaries. And it hasn't let up in March. Monday of this week was one of the twenty highest-volume days ever, and it looks like March may end up being our second-highest-volume month ever.
  • Wednesday morning, we launched the project I've been working on at work recently: the Picasa Web Albums data API. You can now write client applications that upload photos to Picasa Web Albums and/or that request feeds of various sorts--a list of the user's albums, a list of all the tags associated with a given image, etc. Cool stuff.
  • I spent a fair bit of time editing an upcoming story, though I still managed to be significantly later getting it done than would've been ideal.
  • Spent way too much time composing a couple of posts in the SFWA election discussions.
  • Received my tax-year-2005 refund checks.
  • Watched the latest BSG episode with Kam. Heard that Dr. Who has been renewed for a fourth season, though season 3 hasn't yet started airing even in the UK. Or maybe it's just started? Not sure. Also heard that Sci Fi has ordered a full season 4 for BSG; they'd previously ordered only a half-season.
  • Had a run-in with AAA customer service this morning; they'd lost all record of my having paid my renewal fee. Sigh. In the end, they discovered their mistake and agreed to straighten it out. I was already considering quitting AAA; this didn't make me want to stay.
  • (I learned of mysterious thing I can't talk about yet #3 this afternoon.)
  • Completely forgot about both the Kim Stanley Robinson reading and the Ray Bradbury satellite transmission in Redwood City. :(

I imagine two of those mysterious items will be revealed within the next couple weeks.

This weekend: editing; reading subs; possibly a trip to the Cow Palace to see patio furniture at the flower and garden show; a visit to the tall ships in Oakland on Sunday; maybe seeing firespinning in SF on Sunday evening.

Oh, yes, and sleep. I'd really better get started on that part.

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  1. Debby B.

    We switched to A Better World club after learning that AAA was using their clout to advocate for more roads. They have the same emergency help, but I doubt they’ll get you good discounts at the random hotel chain of your choice.


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