BSFA Awards announced

I spent a while earlier poking around online trying to find out who won the BSFA Awards; eventually I got to Torque Control, where I should've looked first, and found the winners list. Sadly, neither of the Strange Horizons short stories that were on the shortlist in the Short Fiction category won. On the other hand, Ian McDonald's "The Djinn's Wife," which did win in the Short Fiction category, was my favorite novelette from 2006, so I can't be too sad. (Link is to the full story, which Asimov's has posted for free online because it's a Hugo nominee.)

(For those who don't know this, BSFA throws together all sub-novel-length fiction into the Short Fiction category, whereas on the Hugo ballot, short fiction is divided up by length into Short Story, Novelette, and Novella categories. Both are legitimate approaches, but I prefer the Hugo categorization, mainly because it provides more awards for short fiction, and I like short fiction.)

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