Two commercials

I was going to put the first of these in my much-neglected "Links of Interest" section on my journal's main page, but while I was trying to dig up the right URL, I happened across the other (unrelated) one, and I figured two items is enough to make a real entry.

  • Travelers Insurance rabbit foot commercial--I saw this on TV, and was so tickled by it that I looked it up on YouTube. (This version isn't exactly the same as the one I saw on TV, but close enough.) Very cute.
  • Polygarol--this is actually a commercial for HBO's polygamy series Big Love, but it's played straight. Also very cute, in a totally different way; I especially like the bit with the tires.

One Response to “Two commercials”

  1. Farah

    Loved Polygarol. Thanks for the link.


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