WisCon photos

I took about 150 photos at WisCon; earlier in the week, I put them up in an unlisted album, then asked the people pictured in them if it was okay to make them public. Some people asked me to remove some of the photos of them (so I did); and I mostly haven't posted the photos of the people I haven't contacted yet. But the rest of the photos are now public.

WisCon 2007 Photos

I used to try to get explicit permission to post publicly from everyone who I'd taken photos of, but that turned out to be hard--people often didn't answer my requests for permission, so I ended up with lots of photos that never got posted. I'm switching to an opt-out system, 'cause I figure most of the time in most contexts these days people are okay with con photos appearing online, as long as the photos don't make them look bad.

So if there's a photo of you in this set that you don't want online, drop me a note and I'll remove it. You don't have to have a reason; "I don't want it online" is a perfectly good reason. (Some people sounded like they felt they ought to allow photos to be posted unless they had some very solid justification for saying no; me, I figure a gut feeling is plenty good enough reason to say no.)

As usual, to download the full-size version of an individual photo, first click it to go to its page and then click the Download Photo link. Unfortunately, you can't download the whole album at once unless you have the desktop Picasa application, which requires Windows.

Feel free to use any photo of yourself from that album for any purpose. If you want to use a photo of someone else for a purpose other than just downloading it, best to ask them first.

I'm sorry to have missed getting photos of some of you; I kept forgetting I had the camera on me. Among other things, in retrospect I ought to have tried to get at least one photo of each of our 42 fiction authors who were present, but that didn't occur to me 'til after the con. I got a fair number of them, though.

P.S.: I was using my new camera, a Canon PowerShot SD700, which replaces my older SD300. The SD700 is bulkier and has a weird issue with graininess in the LCD (not in the photos) in low-light situations, but it has better optical zoom and more megapixels, which combined should let me get better photos of semi-distant subjects. I like it so far. However, I was using the "indoor lighting" setting for most of these photos rather than the "portrait" setting; I still have a lot to learn about the details of how to use the camera most effectively, even though it's a point-and-shoot.

P.P.S.: There's a self-portrait of me in that sarong near the end of the set.

P.P.P.S.: I have lots of notes toward further WisCon-related entries, but don't know when/if I'll get around to posting them.

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4 Responses to “WisCon photos”

  1. Haddayr Copley-Woods

    Did you disable comments?

    Google keeps telling me I’m signed in, and then still refusing to let me post comments.

  2. Jed

    I didn’t disable comments, and I seem to be able to add comments myself. Did it show you the comment box but then not post your comment, or did it not show you the comment box, or … ? Did you follow the instructions on the How do I leave a comment? help page? That page says you need a Picasa Web Albums account; I think that’s the same thing as a Google or Gmail account, though, so if you were signed in, that shouldn’t be an issue. Maybe try signing out and then signing back in?

    Has anyone else tried to leave comments on the photos?

  3. Haddayr Copley-Woods

    Maddeningly enough (google is usually so clean and smooth, as I discussed with you before), after I click the “activate your Picasso account,” it keeps sending me to a screen to sign in with my existing gmail account, which I do. Then it redirects me to the page with the photo, with the instructions that I need to activate my Picasso account. Ad nauseum.

    I have tried signing in and out of gmail with no success. I will try later, because there is one photo I feel DEEPLY COMPELLED to comment on.

  4. Haddayr Copley-Woods

    Okay, I did it; instead, I activated Picasso through my own email and searched for my name in the search feature. Now I’ve commented and I can go to bed with the reasonable assurance that in the morning I may still be married. Phew! 🙂

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