Temporary mail outage

My mail system has thrown away most of the mail that it received in the past four to eight hours. If you've sent me anything today that I haven't responded to, please send it again, with my apologies.

Also, if you've submitted a story today but haven't received an autoresponse, please query ASAP.

In case anyone's curious, here's what happened:

I decided to finally take some steps to fix my spam problem. I knew more or less what steps were needed, and I figured I would take them slowly, testing each step along the way to make sure it worked. So I started by changing a setting on one of my less-used domains to throw away mail to that domain that wasn't addressed properly.

Only it turns out that the settings I changed are global settings, applying to all domains I own. So it also threw away all mail that wasn't addressed "properly" to my other domains--which don't yet have a list of proper addresses set up, so most of the mail that came in got thrown away.

I'm told that at least some mail to me received bounce messages, but some of it almost certainly didn't, just go silently discarded.

Anyway, the problem's fixed for now. So please re-send anything I might've missed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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