Items: Chain games

Three Flash games with only the vaguest of thematic connections to each other.

  • Chain Factor. You drop numbered circles into a set of columns; there are obvious parallels to Tetris, but if you're in a Tetris mindset then you'll make some mistakes. It turns out that (although you don't need to know this to play the Flash game) this is part of an alternate reality game related to the TV show Numb3rs, a show that I'm suddenly much more interested in after hearing about it from three entirely unrelated directions in the past few days. Anyway, there's an ARGNet article with more info about the Chain Factor ARG. Yesterday's ARGNet news update suggests that the Chain Factor ARG is nearing an end, but I'm hoping that the Flash game will remain online.
  • Chaos Theory (in Japanese). Note that, as far as I can tell, you get only one click in each of the three rounds.
  • Rhythm Fireworks 2 is essentially a miniature online Flash version of Dance Dance Revolution, only (a) you use the keyboard arrows instead of a dance pad, and (b) you also have to use a separate set of keys (A, S, D) to change the color of the screen to match the arrows before you can zap them. And (c) there are only a few songs, instrumental only. But they're kinda catchy.

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