Home alone

About a week ago, I announced that I wanted to make sure that I got enough alone-time this week.

And then I proceeded to spend nearly every waking minute with other people. (Including spending two nights away from home--the first time that I've stayed over at someone else's house (when I was within driving distance of home) in possibly years.)

Don't get me wrong: I enjoyed spending that time with the people I spent it with, and I chose to do so, and I'm not complaining.

But sometimes I need to just sit at home by myself and not interact with people.

Mary Anne left for Chicago on Friday morning (sadness!), and Kam left for a two-week vacation in Mexico early this morning, and Twig headed off for a few days also this morning, so as of today the people I've spent most of my time with this past week or two are all out of town. And although I'll miss them, it was really nice to spend today lounging around by myself in the new pajamas Mary Anne gave me.

(I actually got started on the lounging yesterday, by watching the last six episodes of season 1 of Veronica Mars. More on that later.)

Today I watched three or four episodes of Torchwood (it had gotten really really dark, but "Random Shoes" made me very glad I hadn't given up on the series), and played a bunch of Dance Dance Revolution (did I mention I got a Wii a couple weeks ago?), and finished reading/skimming Perdido Street Station. And am trying to decide whether to spend the remainder of the evening (a) doing magazine infrastructure work, (b) editing stories, (c) catching up on the email I've been neglecting, (d) playing DDR, (e) watching the last four eps of Torchwood, (f) watching Das Boot or You Can Count on Me (my current Netflix options), (g) journaling, (h) going through my father's books, (i) doing any of my various other current projects, or (j) some combination.

Also in the past 48 hours, ate a whole bunch of leftovers, threw out some leftovers that had gone bad, put in a load of dirty dishes, contemplated doing laundry, watched The Golden Compass, and spent a little time with Kam prior to her trip ('cause I'd barely seen her the past several days).

There are all sorts of things I've failed to mention here over the past couple weeks, but I think I'm not going to try to catch up. This past week in particular was kind of a blur.

Think I'll go start with a little more DDR before it gets late enough that it might wake the neighbors. Then I'll see whether I can resist the temptation to spend the entire weekend watching TV by finishing off Torchwood. Tune in next time, for the next exciting update!

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  1. wshaffer

    Yay, someone else who likes “Random Shoes”! A lot of Torchwood fans don’t seem to care for it much, but I thought it was sweet. (Though my favorite Torchwood episode is “They Keep Killing Suzie”, which is pretty much the polar opposite of “Random Shoes” in every way. Apparently I like my blistering nihilism tempered with a dose of sentimental optimism now and again.)


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