Email self-immolation

Made it safely to Mary Anne's. Opened up computer, ran an email check while talking with M.

Eudora crashed.


It looks like even worse than last time.

And I don't think I can recover from it until I get home and have access to backups.


At least I ran a backup this morning before leaving home.

But I may be entirely off email until Monday night, and SH submissions may not get autoresponses until Tuesday.

Sorry about this. Really really hoping that Odysseus works out as a Eudora replacement, 'cause I can't cope with too much more of this.

Last time, recovering took me something like eight hours. This time, it might be significantly more, and I don't know when I'll have time for that.

Anyway, if you need to reach me in a hurry, best to call my cell phone or send a text message or something.

One Response to “Email self-immolation”

  1. sairuh

    Eep, sorry to hear about your email woes. What other email access options do you have, if any? For example, web mail (such as gmail or squirrelmail) or shell access with pine (or elm, or mutt, etc.)?

    When I read self-immolation in your entry title, I had the not-too surprising image of a phoenix. Except that nothing, not a bird nor certainly any messages, is rising out of your current Eudora application. Sadness!

    I hope your trip to Chicago (hi, Mary Anne!) make up for this. 🙂


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