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GPT-3 is publicly available!

I just found out that the amazing text generator GPT-3 was opened to the public months ago! To use it, you need to sign up for an OpenAI account. If you have an account already (for access to DALL-E 2, for example), then you can use that account. If not, it looks like you can […]

Guitar-teaching app: Justin Guitar

About six months ago, I started to learn how to play guitar using the Simply Guitar iOS app, made by the same people who make the excellent Simply Piano app for piano learning. I’ve been using Simply Piano for a couple years now, and I mostly love it. Unfortunately, I don’t love Simply Guitar. My […]

Tuning my notifications

I’ve been having problems with notifications in various computer contexts for a while now. For example, notifications that I missed were a contributing factor to the awfulness at work that ate up half of my year last year. More recently, I’ve been getting lots of iOS notifications from Mary Anne’s calendars despite having turned off […]

How to migrate from Things 2 to Things 3

The Mac task management app Things 3 came out in 2017 or so, but it removed an important feature that I relied on heavily in Things 2. (The ability to sort the Today task list by date.) So I kept on using Things 2 at work all this time. But Things 2 recently stopped working, and I decided to […]

Yet another attempt to install a command-line tool

Me: Hey, cool, there’s a tool that checks ePub files for accessibility! Me: …Uh-oh, it’s a command-line tool. Me: [Downloads and installs node.js, as required by the accessibility-tool instructions.] Me: [Figures out that a certain command must be run as superuser, which isn’t clear from the cryptic error message.] Me: [Runs npm command to install […]

1Password and pricing

The password-management app 1Password switched from a pay-once model to a subscription model a while back. But it turns out that if you want to buy a license, you still can; the company has decided not to prominently display that option, but it’s still available. To purchase a pay-once version for the Mac, for instance, […]