Home again, briefly

Had a good weekend with Mary Anne. We rented about six romantic comedies, but ended up only watching three of them. (License to Wed, which neither of us had seen; Roxanne, which I hadn't seen; and The American President, which both of us had seen. I may comment more on those later, and on romcoms in general, but for now I'll just note that Wikipedia mentioned that one common element in romcoms is the Grand Gesture at the end, and boy did two of these movies have Grand Gestures.)

We both liked the Harvey House B&B, where we were staying; recommended. (But they've been getting a certain amount of acclaim/recognition lately, so reservations may need to be further in advance in the future.) The flowers I had ordered (online, not through Harvey House) never arrived, but there were chocolate-covered strawberries.

On Saturday, we also visited the Frank Lloyd Wright home and studio in Oak Park. Nifty. And the temperature on Saturday was not as bad as I'd feared, especially because Kevin kindly loaned me his winter coat. In the extremely unlikely event that I ever find myself living somewhere cold, must remember to get a heavy coat with a hood.

Sunday the temperature was even better--despite some snow, it got up to 50°F, much nicer than the 32°F that had been forecast. In the afternoon there was a brunch with some of M & K's local friends, and I got some time to play with Kavi and Ellie.

This morning, M and I sat in a cafe and wrote for a couple hours (I wrote 1000 words of a new story! Not very good words, but words nonetheless; I'm trying to give myself permission to write a bad first draft of this one), then (after standing outside on a street corner for a few minutes in 18° temperatures with a strong cold wind) had Ethiopian food for lunch. M dropped me at the train station, and I barely made it onto my flight home, with minutes to spare.

Kam picked me up at the airport and brought me home, and we had pizza for dinner and watched a Torchwood episode, and now I'm groggily considering trying to get some long-overdue magazine work done tonight. But I may just go to bed instead.

Oddly, even though I slept fairly well and fairly long over the weekend (though it was also interrupted sleep), and even though I slept for at least half of the plane flight in each direction, I'm really tired and out of it. So I may take the sleep option.

Oh, but I guess I should also try to at least start restoring my email before I go to sleep. Okay, a little of that, then bed.

It was a really nice weekend; great to get some relaxed time with Mary Anne. (And I felt that it was amazingly nice of Kevin to take baby duty on his own two nights in a row so that M and I could have that time together; he gets major poly points for that.) But I'm really glad to be sleeping in my own bed tonight. That'll only be for a few days, though; Thursday evening, Kam and I will be flying down to LA, then Friday morning heading on to Mazatlán. I am not, of course, complaining; the forecast for MZT this week shows highs in the low 80s. And it should be a nice relaxing trip.

Still, for now it's nice to be home.

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  1. betsy

    i realize you are a weather wimp, but i am just going to chortle briefly from deep inside my parka about the weather there. 1f on my way in today…


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