Charming, adorable, cute?

The YouTube Award winners were announced a week or so ago. The winner in their "Adorable" category, "Laughing Baby," was kinda cute, but was nothing compared to the kind of adorableness that shows up on Cute Overload all the time.

So your assignment for today (or anytime in the next few days), should you choose to accept it, is to point me to the cutest, most adorable, most charming, and/or most likely to make me go "kawaiiiii!" items you can find online. Videos and photos preferred, but text okay too. Make me squee!

Given that I keep an eye out for this sort of thing regularly, bonus points for stuff I haven't seen before. In particular, chances are fairly good that if it's appeared on Cute Overload or I Can Has Cheezburger?, I've probably seen it--but hey, if you're not sure whether I've seen it, may as well err on the side of pointing me to it. Can't hurt, might help.

Btw, I've been enjoying the comments and emails this week; thanks much for those. I'm still going through them a few at a time, the better to savor them, so I haven't gotten to the more recent ones yet, but I'm looking forward to them.

I kinda feel like this week's morning Pollyanna posts ought to have built up to some particularly satisfying conclusion to the week (day-of-birthday spectacular positivity extravaganza!), but this is all I came up with. But I think that's fine; I think it helps emphasize the spread-outness of the birthday celebration.

(And I think it'll be even more spread-out than I'd expected. I've spent most of this week being sick, so not doing much; so I'm counting stuff from the previous couple weeks as birthdayish, and hoping to do more low-key celebrating in the next few days.)

9 Responses to “Charming, adorable, cute?”

  1. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Not to argue with you on your birthday, but I have to say, I thought “Laughing Baby” was one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. I think it’s the combination of:

    – an infectious laugh
    – the fact that he doesn’t stop laughing when he falls over and hits his head
    – and that he gets so much delight, over and over, in tearing a magazine page, with no sign that he will ever become tired of this trick


  2. sairuh

    Hokay, it’s not a kitten, but instead… Mockingbirds
    “>in my backyard!

    They provide musical as well as visual entertainment. Yay spring! Yay Jed’s birthday!

  3. sairuh

    Oh deah, I missed a typo in my markup during preview. Feel free to edit (then remove this comment), or simply keep as is and view the
    “>second image.

  4. Josh

    This picture from Cute Overload is one of my favorites ever.

    I can’t find my favorite ever video of baby sloths in a box, but I’ll track it down yet. :^)

  5. Twig

    It’s more silly than cute, but I just discovered Kitty Wigs.

  6. Joanne Merriam

    Only tangentially related, but you can now make your own ceiling cat.


    Did you see the pictures in ruthling’s LJ, of the baby lambs and the easter bunny footprints??


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