Home safe

Largely unremarkable travel day today. Except: most of the way through the second leg of my flight, I reached for my waistpack (in my backpack) to get a pen, and realized the waistpack was missing.

I last saw it for sure just after going through security at ORD. I suspect that it fell out of my backpack during the ORD-to-MSP flight and that I left it behind on that plane without noticing.

At first I thought there was nothing especially important in it, other than my business-card case, which I like but rarely use any more. Then I thought my camera was in it, but discovered that in my pants pocket. So I figured even if the pack is completely gone, it's not disastrous.

Twig picked me up at the airport; we went and got some dinner (I seem to be okay with rice and such, but acidic and spicy foods are still a little uncomfortable); then she took me home. Where I discovered that all my keys are in my waistpack.

Still not totally disastrous if it never shows up. But a much bigger pain than I had thought.

I'm not optimistic; both of the previous times I've lost things in air transit, they've never been seen again. And this waistpack didn't have much by way of usable ID in it. Though it did have my SH business cards, so if someone were to find the pack and want to return it, they could contact me that way.

Anyway. The most important thing is that I made it home; thanks again for picking me up, Twig!

And now it is quite late and I ought to be asleep.

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