“No email subs” means don’t submit via email

Part n of the standard "why don't people read guidelines?" complaint:

We usually get maybe two or three stories a month submitted by email. I have a mostly-automated form letter that I use to respond to these, so it only takes me a few seconds to deal with them; not really a big deal. (Unless I'm in a bad mood, in which case it still only takes a few seconds but annoys me disproportionately.)

But in the past four days or so, we've received four email submissions.

To be fair, one of those was from someone who had previously submitted to us in early 2006, before we implemented the submission form, so they probably didn't know about the form.

But even so: before you submit anywhere, you should check the guidelines and find out how to submit. Even if you've submitted there before; these things change sometimes.

I know y'all all know this already. The reason I'm posting this is that this many email subs this close together makes me wonder if someone has recently published our email address somewhere, as the address to send submissions to.

If y'all know of any such publication, let me know. Any context that provides info about submitting to us should point to our guidelines; if it provides our email address at all, it should indicate that that's for people who have questions after reading the guidelines.

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