More on the June murders

Back in late June, two people were murdered in the house next door to where I live.

A couple days ago, the Mountain View police department held a press conference, and issued a press release, announcing that they'd arrested four suspects, and that they have warrants for three others. Five of the seven suspects are being charged with murder (and other charges). The press release provides photos of all the adult suspects.

There are a lot of details missing from that press release, though, because official documents have been sealed and because of the ongoing investigation.

But the San Francisco Chronicle apparently got ahold of some court documents, and published a lot more information yesterday, including the names of the two suspects who are under 18 (the Chron explains that they're providing the names because all the suspects are being charged as adults).

Thursday morning, a fifth suspect was arrested as she tried to board a plane.

The last two suspects are still at large.

. . . Of course it should be noted that the people mentioned are all just suspects at this point; nothing's yet been proven. But the Chronicle article implies (if I'm reading it right) that the police have at least some of the text messages that the suspects allegedly sent each other the night of the murders, and that those text messages are pretty damning.

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