Congratulations! You’re on the path to sentience!

Spore is finally being released!

Apparently it's already available in much of the rest of the world, but the North American and Asia/Pacific release date is this coming Sunday, September 7.

If it's not already available in your region, you can pre-order it from the website. For Windows, there's an interesting "pre-load" option, where you can download the software now and then you can activate it on Sunday. Note that for Mac, you have to pre-order from a different website (follow links from the Spore site), and they don't seem to have the pre-load option.

I'm very excited. If you don't hear from me next week, maybe someone should drop me a note reminding me to eat and sleep occasionally?

Side note: I just found out that EA has been occasionally releasing prototypes of various concepts along the development path. (Windows only, apparently.) For most people, there won't be any point in looking at the prototypes now that the game itself has arrived; still, an article about the prototypes makes it sound like a pretty interesting process, and I'm pleased that EA released some of the prototypes along the way even though I didn't know about it and couldn't have tried them on a Mac.

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