Seven years of journaling

I happened across an old entry here this afternoon, and that made me wonder what day I had started this journal, and lo! It was September 14, 2001!

So happy birthday, journal!

I've written and published over 3100 entries in this journal (plus another hundred or so that I started but never got into shape enough to publish, plus probably a couple hundred more that I started writing in my head but never got around to typing up). Average of about one and a quarter entries a day over the past seven years.

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  1. cj

    That’s wonderful, and makes me very happy. Most of my journals are locked away on obsolete computers, but I found a art book (black, with a silver unicorn on it, no less) from 1983. Out of curiosity, how much journal do you think is “other places”? But happy birthday Lorem Ipsum, and many, many happy returns. Certainly that little bit of information made today sparkle.

  2. Jed

    Thanks, CJ!

    I have a couple of other topic-specific blogs, but never got in the habit of using them very much. I’ve also tried once or twice to write private journal entries on my computer, but I think there are only two or three entries in the last one I did.

    Then there are letters to certain friends, which (on the rare occasions when I write them) contain a bunch of the kinds of things that might go in a journal.

    Going further back, I have four volumes of hand-written journal from my Wanderjahr, in a special script that I designed based on the Palm text-entry system (“Graffiti”) letter shapes, for ease of writing each letter in one stroke; also my much less detailed weekly publicly-posted travelogue for that trip.

    I also occasionally did voice recordings while driving during that trip, when I wanted to take notes, but have never gone back and listened to them.

    Other than the above, I think the only significant journaling I ever did was a paper journal I kept, very intermittently, during part of my first year of college.


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