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The Types of Jed Posts

An incomplete catalog, in no particular order. (I’m making fun of myself a little bit with this, but only fondly and gently; I’m not chastising myself here, just observing patterns.) Here’s a dream I had last night. Cool new tech development! I had a mildly bad customer service experience, and I’m so furious and outraged […]

Naming the site

I still haven’t come up with a name for my website, and I’m getting tired of the placeholder name “What is the name of this site?” So I’m setting the site name to “Lorem Ipsum.” In the old days, Lorem Ipsum was the name of my blog. My site didn’t have a name as such, […]

One of them there meta-posts

One part of the point of switching to WordPress was that I hoped it would make it easier to post entries, and thus make me more likely to do so. And then I went a couple of weeks without posting here. Part of what happened is that I thought I had discovered that I had […]

User icons/avatars

One nice side effect of using WordPress is that comments on posts automatically display Gravatar user images. So if you comment here, and you want some sort of image or icon to appear next to each of your comments, then stop by Gravatar and create an image for yourself. Gravatar images are associated with email […]

New sites up and running!

My new sites are settling into their new homes! Thanks again to Jeremy and Jenn of Clockpunk Studios, for doing a great job of redesigning the sites, and providing a lot of helpful handholding along the way. To see a list of the various sites, select the Sites menu from any page of any of […]