Fey vs Palin

The opening segment of Palin's appearance on Saturday Night Live last night, featuring both Tina Fey and Sarah Palin, is very funny. Palin's other segment, an appearance on Weekend Update for a Palin rap, is less funny (to me), but has its moments. I think both segments would've been better and funnier if they'd given Palin more to do and say, though.

I used to think that the resemblance between Fey and Palin was fairly superficial; I thought I could easily tell which one was which. But then I saw that opening segment, and I actually got confused about which one was which.

If you think you can easily tell them apart, take the Tina Fey or Sarah Palin Test. Nine screen captures showing one or the other; can you tell which is which? (To get your results, you have to specify your birthdate, but you can lie. Be sure to uncheck the checkbox where HelloQuizzy tries to get you to sign up to get mail from them. And in some browsers, you may have to scroll down a ways on the score page to find out your score, and it won't tell you which ones you got right. Still, a fun quiz.)

I think I can tell them apart better than I could earlier. If they're talking, it's relatively easy. In many/most stills, there are certain small giveaways. But it's harder than I would've thought.

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  1. Wayman

    I didn’t realize helloquizzy requires “birthday” or other statistics of the quiz-taker; sorry if that inconveniences anyone. Obviously, I (as test-creator) don’t care what you put for any of that stufff! It doesn’t even show up on the “view test statistics” page as a variable, so I have no idea why they ask for it.

    I chose helloquizzy because it was the first “make an internet survey!” site that let me put more than ten items (photos plus questions) in my quiz without asking me to upgrade to a $20/month (or more) account. Are there other free survey sites which are preferable (less annoying)?

  2. Jed

    Yeah, I think other Internet-survey sites also do that. They ask for gender so they can compare your answers to others of your gender; they may ask for age for the same reason, not sure. I imagine that the other reason they ask for those things is so they can measure demographics on their site and sell more advertising, but I’m just speculating.

    Anyway, my impression is that those Internet-survey sites are all annoying, one way or another. So I didn’t mean to single out HelloQuizzy; I should’ve said something like “like other sites, HelloQuizzy asks for…”

    Thanks for the quiz!

  3. jere7my

    You don’t need to enter your personal data. They tell you that it’s optional on the pre-results page — you can just click through.


  4. Michael

    Damn. Only 8/9. I find it easier to tell them apart on screen caps than when they’re talking and moving. I’m pretty sure I’d fail an audio test on them.

  5. David Moles

    The particularly tricky bit is that they re-tick the “sign me up” tickybox when you fiddle with the birthdate.

    I got 8/9. I think Fey’s face is narrower and she’s got better skin, or at least better makeup.

  6. jaipur.livejournal.com

    Huh. I got 9 out of 9. I don’t think they are confusable at all–the nose and chin are completely different on the two women. You have to get past looking at the eyes and hair. 😉 Plus, Palin’s facial gestures are relaxed, where Fey’s are always pinched, and Fey often has that raised eyebrow thing going on.


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