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Huxley on propaganda

I just happened across Huxley’s 1958 Brave New World Revisited; specifically, part V, “Propaganda Under a Dictatorship.” It’s primarily an analysis of how Hitler influenced the masses. I’m dubious about some aspects of what Huxley says, but there are some elements that I thought were interesting in light of modern politics. One doesn’t have to […]


Yesterday morning, I attended the Families Belong Together rally at San José City Hall. It was pretty good, although it took me a while to find a place to stand where I could hear the speakers. Came home afterward. (Traveled to and from via light rail; took a lot longer than driving, but (a) could […]

What are the sanctions?

I’ve now looked at 7 articles about the new sanctions on Russian people and organizations. The closest any of them came to saying what the sanctions are is a couple of brief indications that the individuals’ financial assets (one article said in the US, another said in US dollars) are being frozen, and that they […]

A schadenfreude of White-House-in-disarray articles

I read several news articles this evening about the White House being in chaos. That’s become a popular and frequent genre of news article this past year or so; I generally try to avoid indulging in too much schadenfreude, but I still get a certain frisson from these kinds of articles. Especially when otherwise journalistically-neutral-tone […]