Zeppelins over Mountain View

Last Wednesday, the day after the election, I was biking to work when I saw another bicyclist stopped in the middle of the bike lane, at the top of the mildly arched bridge over the freeway. He was gazing off into the sky. I, mildly annoyed at his blocking the lane when I had a meeting to get to, went around him; it wasn't 'til I was most of the way down the far side of the arch that it occurred to me to wonder what he'd been looking at.

So I looked up, and there in the sky was the Bay Area's new zeppelin.

I decided to hold off on taking a photo 'til I got to the building where my meeting was, a block or so away. I figured zeppelins don't move very fast, so it would still be there.

Sadly, by the time I arrived, it was gone.

I'm sure I'll see it again at some point (probably all I have to do is to go to work earlier than usual, and/or check their tracking system to find out where it is), but Wednesday would have been a particularly good day to do what I wanted to do: take a photo and post it to Facebook (which the Facebook app for iPhone makes it easy to do), with a caption reading something like "In the age of Barack Obama, zeppelins have returned to the skies."

If you want more zeppelin info, cnet provides a slideshow (with audio) of one of the first trips in this particular zeppelin in the Bay Area. I coulda stolen one of their photos to apply my caption to (or one of the submitted photos from the company's sightings blog), but it wouldn't have been the same.

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