Items: Assorted videos

These have no particular theme--just some videos I've happened across in the past few weeks that have been cluttering up my open browser windows.

  • Lucky moments: a collection of brief clips of various people being extremely lucky in various ways, usually by barely avoiding serious injury or death. In several of the cases, other people were not so lucky, so some bits are a little painful to watch, but the overall video is still kind of amazing. It should also be noted that at least one of the clips (bank robbery) is actually a Chevy Malibu ad filmed from a different angle, not real. (The earlier clip of a car getting crushed may also be from an ad; not sure.) And I have no idea what's going on in the tennis clip and the American-football clip--can't follow the action.
  • Big-rig accident: truck overturns, completely crushing car; car driver astonishingly survives.
  • Voting machines elect one of their own as President (Onion News Network). Keep watching to the end of the video.
  • Durex condom commercial. Somewhere on the line between painful and funny.
  • Lovely jellyfish-like robots: AquaJelly and AirJelly. The first half shows several underwater AquaJelly robots; the second half shows one large flying AirJelly robot. Giant flying robotic jellyfish! Who said the future isn't here yet?
  • From the same company (Festo): Air Ray, a flying robot manta ray (info), and Aqua Ray, a swimming robot manta ray (info). It's not clear to me whether all these Festo robot videos are actual video of actual real-world robots (as opposed to CGI), but I think they're real.
  • Person playing the new Ocarina app for iPhone. When I first heard of this app, I was unconvinced that it would be cool; then I saw the video, and immediately bought the app. (At some point I'll do a post with a rundown of all the iPhone apps I've been using.)

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