Two more online games

A couple games that've been sitting around in my browser windows:

The so-called "French Military Game" is a Java version of a fox-and-hounds kind of game played on a small chart that looks a little like a Kabbalah chart. You have three pieces; you're trying to stop the computer from moving its one piece past your pieces. This is one of those computer-learning games; after a few games, the computer should be able to consistently beat you.

Entirely unrelated: the Eyeballing Game gives you a series of dynamic diagrams in which you have to eyeball the midpoint of a line segment, or the ray that bisects an angle; you drag a point around on your screen, and let go when you think you're on target. It shows you how close you got; your total score is the average across three rounds of the series of diagrams. My best score is 3.24 (lower is better), but plenty of people regularly get scores between 2 and 3, and sometimes even lower. (Note that if your monitor's aspect ratio isn't what the game expects, you may have a hard time with this one.)

2 Responses to “Two more online games”

  1. jaipur

    HEy, is your Wii ever on? We just figured out that if we swap addresses with other Wiis then other Miis may come to visit (and we could play tennis between San Jose and Irvine!)…

  2. Jed

    My Wii is on occasionally, and yep, I’d be happy to swap addresses and Miis. I’ll try and remember to send you email with my Wii address.

    My understanding, though, is that the standard Wii games can’t be played over the network–I don’t think we’ll be able to play tennis remotely, alas. I think Kevin said yesterday that there are Wii games in Japan that can be played over the network, and maybe some coming to the US too–not sure.


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