As the year winds down

As of this evening, I have the next couple weeks off work. We're almost all done with magazine stuff for the year. The rest of my year looks like this:

  • Two social events Saturday, filling up most of the day.
  • Attempt to stop coughing.
  • Roundsing on Sunday.
  • Hope to spend some time with Mary Anne while she's in town.
  • Edit two or three stories in the next couple days.
  • Try to get some fiction writing done.
  • After we finish replying to the last handful of remaining stories, put together an end-of-year SH statistics report.
  • Possible social event next Tuesday evening.
  • Probably half a dozen other social events that I don't yet know about over the next couple weeks.
  • Attempt to see various old friends who are likely visiting town at various points.
  • Catch up on Sarah Connor with Kam.
  • Xmas dinner next Thursday.
  • Try to get some exercise (assuming I can stop coughing). Haven't played DDR or ridden my bike or done anything else exercisey in weeks.
  • Attempt to spend some time relaxing, watching movies, reading books, etc.
  • Try to catch up on some of the vast array of backlogged email.
  • Make a couple of long-delayed phone calls to friends.
  • Send out end-of-year donations.
  • Do some tax stuff.
  • Attempt to do some work on the SH database. This is the best time of year for big changes to the code, 'cause nobody's changing the data, but it would also be nice to spend some time not thinking about the magazine at all.
  • Reopen to submissions the night of the 31st, and immediately start reading to try to keep up with the likely huge wave of subs.
  • Probably sit quietly at home on New Year's Eve, but who knows.
  • Possibly attend social event on the 1st.
  • Back to work at day job on the 5th.

3 Responses to “As the year winds down”

  1. cj

    I’m glad I don’t have that much to cram into the next two weeks! Two things: 1) stop coughing! 2) Sitting quietly on New Year’s Eve sounds lovely

  2. Jed

    Well, I don’t actually think I can do all of these things in two weeks. It’s more like a wishlist.

    1) Trying. So far, unsuccessful. Feh.

    2) Yeah, it’s become my default on NYE, if I don’t have parties to go to. At midnight, I quietly say “whee.” Or words to that effect.

  3. Sarah Prineas

    Also post solstice poem, please?


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