“Destruction and Discord!” said the Pins and Needles

Sure seems like a lot of stressful stuff happening lately.

There's the big-picture world-news stuff, of course: Sri Lanka at war; Australia struck by fires and floods; world economy in collapse; etc.

And then there's the more personal-scale stuff.

Some of it has involved me: I nearly got hit by an SUV while biking home two weeks ago (they turned left either on a very stale yellow or running the red; somehow I didn't see them even though I had just looked at the lane they must have come from; we both stopped in time, so no harm done); I nearly had an accident with another car on the way to dinner this past Sunday (they went through an intersection after, apparently, stopping at a stop sign; presumably they didn't see me coming, and I may've been going slightly (but not much) too fast; we both slammed on the brakes, and stopped a few feet from each other); and then there was the episode Saturday night when Kam and I took some people to pick up cars that had been towed and things got tense. And I've had a steady stream of fairly minor but time-consuming and annoying computer problems. And I got a little stressed over the weekend when my to-do list hit 100 items.

But although there've been some near misses, nothing bad has actually happened to me lately. Whereas a friend just told me about being hit by an SUV while bicycling last week (thankfully no physical damage to any people, but the bike didn't do so well), and being mistreated by a police officer right afterward; and then there's another friend whose roof caught on fire while they were at an amusement park celebrating their wedding anniversary; and then there are friends whose parents are having medical issues, and friends having family issues; and so on.

There've been plenty of good things lately too, of course. For example, Kam's buying a condo, and just finally got the long-delayed contract. And I bought half a dozen lovely and comfortable wooden chairs to replace my old ones that were falling apart, and have assembled four of them. And I had a good evening last night.

But it still seems like a lot of people have been going through a lot of bad stuff lately. Or maybe I'm just being more stressed by the bad stuff than usual.

Anyway, if you have good news you feel like sharing, it would be even more welcome than usual.

3 Responses to ““Destruction and Discord!” said the Pins and Needles”

  1. Sumana Harihareswara

    Dr. Rivka had her second baby!

    I’m learning a lot as I process submissions for the Thoughtcrime Experiments anthology:


    The weather in New York City is fairly nice!

  2. cj

    I’m acing my legal classes– and it feels real good!

    I’m up to seven hours of sleep almost regularly (better than the consistent four or five I was getting for way too long). Meditation seems to help with that. And by sleeping more I seem more capable of doing what needs to be done, so I feel mighty!

    And although I am live in La La Land far from those people whose company I enjoy the most, I am never more than a few keystrokes away. Technology is magic (and sometimes it is even green)

    I am free on Thursday mornings again! Yes!

    Lots and lots of good stuff.

  3. catsittingstill

    Kip and I just bought our first house. It is much nicer than the place we were living before, and close enough to the college for Kip to walk to work. I have been wandering around fixing things (it was very well built, but that was 40 years ago and it has been a trifle under-maintained recently so it’s a bit scuffed up). Periodically I burst into a lovesong to the house (under development).

    I am planning to start a garden. Tomatoes and flowers. I figure I should just start with a few things to see if I like having a garden, and then branch out into more things if it works out well.


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