Fun video: BMWoW!

Apparently there are these ads featuring a guy named Vince, showing off products like the ShamWow and the Slap Chop. They're fun and entertaining. (But if you find the products actually appealing, you might want to see the opposing viewpoint, as embodied in The Shamwow sucks!!!!)

At any rate, someone in Seattle is selling a 1994 BMW for parts, and did a parody commercial called BMWoW! If you haven't seen the original Vince commercials, though, you should watch at least the ShamWow one first; BMWoW isn't nearly as entertaining if you aren't familiar with what it's parodying.

(I feel like by devoting a whole entry to this I'm making it sound like some brilliant film or something. Not intended; just a fun little video that amused me.)

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  1. Dan

    Thanks for the plug! =D


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