Your favorite photo of you?

Are any of your favorite photos of you publicly viewable online?

If so, and if you feel like it, post a link to one of them as a comment on this entry. Optionally, include a note about what you like about it.

If you're not comfortable linking to a photo of yourself, you can link to a favorite photo of someone else.

Or, for that matter, a favorite photo in general. But I'm most interested in pictures of you.

(This isn't for a project or anything; I'm just interested in seeing pictures of people, especially ones they like.)

(Wrote this back in February, somehow neglected to post it.)

12 Responses to “Your favorite photo of you?”

  1. betsyl

    i don’t know if this one is publicly available, but this is the most recent picture of me that i’ve found–

  2. Jed

    Great photo! Made me smile. Thanks for posting it!

  3. Will Q

    This remains one of my all-time favorites.

  4. Catherine

    I like all the photos of me that are tagged on facebook (plus my profile picture). If someone tags me and I hate the photo, I take it off 🙂

  5. Jed

    Aww—these are great! Keep ’em coming!

    …Sadly, only some of the Facebook photos are publicly visible to people not on Facebook; sorry to those of you who can’t see these.

  6. Anne KG Murphy is one of my favorite photos of me, despite the weird thing going on with my hair. Back when I was still wearing my trademark plaid sometimes (I always/really really often wore the plaid flannell that’s peeking out from under the leather jacket throughout high school and college). This picture was taken on the streets of Chicago by someone in the group who went to lunch with Neil. I believe that was the weekend of the Nebulas where Neil was toastmaster/MC and I was his liaison to the committee. I was trying to match the serious/yet pleasant/not quite a smile Neil almost always uses when posing for pictures so it wouldn’t be me grinning and him serious. I really like the lighting.

    this would be another favorite photo. Photo by Fred Levy-Haskell and part of a series. I use one of these as an LJ icon. It’s my most happy grin, taken during ConFusion 31, which was the most successful convention I have chaired, during a music circle, which is one of the features of Minneapolis congoing I miss the most.

    I believe both pictures were taken within a year of each other.

  7. Robyn Fleming

    I really like the one I’m using as a header image on my Dreamwidth journal, which was taken at the same time as the one on my about page at my website.

    I like them partly because they’re happy-memory photos – Jameson took them when we were on our honeymoon (we took a train ride to the Grand Canyon) – and partly because they’re really interesting in terms of composition, with the colors and the way my wacky windblown hair kind’ve reflects the shapes of the twisty tree behind me, etc. Also I like pictures of myself smiling, even though I think I have kind’ve a dorky smile.

    Oh, oh! Also, that cloak is pretty much my single favorite article of clothing that I own. Mmmm, comfy.

  8. Kir

    I like the profile pic at ElfWood ( from our honeymoon)
    and the one of Debby and me at reunion ( not the prettiest of me but it makes me so happy!).

  9. Jed

    More great photos—thanks, all! I’m really enjoying these. Anyone who hasn’t posted but still wants to, it’s not too late!

  10. Jim Moskowitz

    It’s not very high-resolution, and it’s not very recent, but this is my favorite photo of me.


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