Finally restored my archives sidebar

When I upgraded to Movable Type version 4, the part of my blog sidebar that contained links to my archives went away.

I've been meaning to restore it for months, 'cause I hate it when there's no easy way to view a blog's archives, but kept thinking I was going to have to rewrite it from scratch, and that seemed like it would take time and energy that I didn't have.

But tonight I finally decided to take a look and see how easy it would be to restore. And it turns out that the archive widget/module has been there all along, I just needed to display it.

So it took about ten seconds to put it in place, and another two minutes to update various tags and such to make it look right.

So now it's in place, and it works, and I'm kicking myself for not having done this months ago. I apologize to anyone who's tried to view my archives in the past few months.

PS: Another thing I've been meaning to mention: Those of you who view my blog in other contexts, like LJ or Facebook or a feed reader, may be missing another feature of my sidebar: a list of one- or two-line "links of interest" that I don't have anything more to say about. Some day I'll figure out how to provide that as a feed too, if it isn't already available as one.

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