Not leaving the house

Two days after that Shakespeare Santa Cruz performance, I flew to Chicago for a long weekend. Helped Mary Anne & Kevin pack; went furniture/antique shopping with M; watched the beginning of a romantic comedy called French Film (don't think I'll watch the rest, but I think M liked it better than I did). Mostly a good trip, but by Tuesday I was kind of burned out on travel and glad to head home. Which bodes ill for my next few weeks.

Worked at home on Wednesday, iIrc.

Thursday the 30th, we had another offsite. This one was with a subgroup of the group that had the offsite the week before; this time we went kayaking on Elkhorn Slough, then had lunch at Fandango in Pacific Grove, then went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. A good day, even though it started with my leaving the house before 8 a.m. I enjoyed kayaking; hadn't done that since the first time I'd tried it, with (iIrc) Arthur and Kam many years ago, and the guide provided lots of interesting info about the local wildlife. I really like watching pelicans fly in formation barely above the water.

Sadly, I once again failed to pet the bat rays at the Aquarium; as has happened the past couple times I've been there, they all refused to come anywhere near the edge of the tank where they can be petted. I don't blame them, but I'm disappointed; petting them is my favorite thing at the aquarium. Still, there was lots of other nifty stuff to see, and I brought home a stuffed octopus and a stuffed giant squid.

That was also the day when the previous owners of my house came and took all their remaining stuff out of my garage. So I now have a big empty garage to put stuff into.

I worked at home on Friday. Then I spent nearly the entire weekend doing magazine stuff, with a break to watch the first couple episodes of Torchwood: Children of Earth and a couple of breaks for phone calls and unpacking and such. Monday morning, Breht the handyman came over and did some more fixup work around the house. I finally made it in to work early Monday afternoon, having not left the house since my return home from Chicago the previous Tuesday night, except for the Thursday all-day offsite.

It's been nice to be at home.

It'll be nicer when everything is unpacked and various things are fixed and I have a washer and dryer and so on. But even in the house's current state of disarray, the downtime at home has been very helpful to my general peace of mind.

This Friday evening, I'm off to a high school friend's wedding in Montana. The following weekend, another friend's wedding in the Seattle area. The weekend after that is the beginning of a week in Maine with college friends, followed most likely by a week in Boston. Then home, with the intent of never leaving home again. Somehow I never manage to follow through on that intent for very long.

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