Favorite constellation?

What's your favorite constellation, and why?

(A question asked last night while we were stargazing.)

3 Responses to “Favorite constellation?”

  1. rikchik

    I think it’s Cassiopeia, for a few reasons.
    1. It’s easy to recognize and often visible in the Northern Hemisphere
    2. My partner told me a great story about a colleague calling it “Jim-Jim the Bat”
    3. It’s one of the ones I invented a symbol for
    4. From Alpha Centauri, Sol is the sixth star in Cassiopeia’s zigzag

  2. cj

    I like them all! But it was nice to see that The Hunter is back (Orion was kind of prick, so I hate calling it that. I’ve kind of, to myself, started referring to it as Zoe. The Percy Jackson series wasn’t that great, but it had its moments)

  3. KJ

    Mine is also Cassiopeia, because it’s the easiest for me to find (even easier than the Big Dipper) and because I have fond memories of the night I learned how to find it.


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