Dialogue about racism in fan communities

Smart and interesting discussion in the latest issue of Transformative Works and Cultures: "Pattern recognition: A dialogue on racism in fan communities," featuring Coffeeandink, Deepa D., Jackie Gross, Liz Henry, Oyceter, Sparkymonster, and Naamen Tilahun. I don't agree with everything all of them say, but they all say useful and interesting things, including providing info I hadn't encountered before. Thanks to the participants and to the journal.

Some day I still hope to post some thoughts about various related topics, especially about the tone argument, which I still struggle with. (I found the discussion of the tone argument in the abovelinked dialogue especially useful and informative.) But I'm not gonna manage that anytime soon.

That issues of Transformative Works and Cultures also features a bunch of other interesting-looking material, btw. (I say "interesting-looking" because I haven't read most of it myself yet.)

[Added later: Forgot to say thanks to Betsy L for the link.]

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