Pasty rice week

Saturday night, we had dinner at Hobee's, where I ordered a curry dish. The white rice that came with the curry was overcooked and flavorless.

Sunday night, I heated up an Amy's Kitchen frozen brown rice and vegetable bowl. I've had them before and they were fine, but maybe I microwaved this one for too long or something, because although it still tasted okay, the rice had turned into a kind of porridge.

Monday night, I decided to go for something different. So I stopped by La Costeña, where I haven't been in a while due to not living a couple blocks away any more. And I ordered a burrito, the same kind I've been ordering and enjoying for years.

And the brown rice was kind of like a thick paste. Not awful, but not great.

So now I'm beginning to wonder. I didn't expect much from rice at Hobee's, but three nights in a row of mushy rice from three different sources makes me think it must just be mushy rice week here in Mountain View, or something.

(Come to think of it, I had risotto at an Italian place in downtown Mountain View on Thursday evening. That wasn't bad; not great, but the rice was roughly the texture I expect from risotto. Then again, that texture is mushier than most normal rice.)

Tonight I'll have the second half of that burrito. Tomorrow I can't decide whether to try again to find some rice that isn't mushy, or whether to abjure rice for a while until it decides to stay firm.

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