Rounds: recorded, printed, and animated

Am continuing to try to check things off my to-do list. Latest item on list was to buy Sol Weber's rounds CDs, so I just went and did that. (Also picked up John Krumm's two latest songbooks.)

That ordering/info page contains audio clips of a bunch of the rounds on the CDs; if you've wondered what all the fuss about rounds is about, check them out. A few examples:

(I fear that some of the songs on the CDs may confuse me, as the Swarthmore roundsingers have learned somewhat folk-processed versions of some of the songs, and these are generally the originals. This is also why we don't use the Weber book at roundsings so often. Still, I'll be glad to have recordings.)

Oh, and I imagine some of you will be interested to know that one of the CDs contains a Tom Lehrer quodlibet, though that song is not among my favorites.

The ordering/info page also links to some good rounds-related resources and other pages and sites around the web. The one that particularly caught my eye is a nifty Flash animation of a round.

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