Bits and pieces

The past few days have passed in something of a daze. Some assorted notes:

Friday was something of an emotional rollercoaster (though more positive than negative), for reasons I won't be going into here.

That afternoon, unrelatedly, Twig oversaw the installation of my new washing machine and dryer, which I didn't get a chance to actually use until tonight. Yay! Clean dry clothing, right here in my very home!

That evening, had dinner in Palo Alto with Kam and Arthur & Pam and Rob, who was in town briefly; they were all going to head off to a Richard Thompson concert afterward. Kam ended up being too tired for the concert, and I wasn't going (I like some of Thompson's songs, but not enough to go to a concert), so she and I watched a little TV. (Finished watching the Prisoner remake/reworking; I liked the last 15 minutes or so much more than the rest of its new miniseries, but not really worth watching the rest to get there, unless you're a die-hard fan and can't resist, like us.)

Saturday, got almost nothing done, aside from grocery shopping. In the evening, headed up to Ethan's for a birthday/tree-trimming party; got to see a bunch of people I hadn't seen in, what, several months I think, and one person I hadn't seen in years. Good food, good company, good conversation.

Today, had an editorial meeting, then stopped by Beth & Catie's to drop some stuff off, then headed over to the Locus party, arriving unfortunately late. But got to chat with the few folks I knew there, who I also hadn't seen in too long; was good.

And now I'm home. Doing laundry, watching Glee, sending rejections (we have only 45 stories left to respond to!), reading a story, avoiding thinking about all the stuff on my to-do list that I skipped this weekend.

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