Anniversaries Apart

I wrote the first lines of this two years ago, for our tenth anniversary, disguised as prose; but I stalled and never finished it. Decided today that it was time to come back to it, but didn't manage to finish and post it 'til after midnight. But hey, the fact that it's late proves that it's me, right?

In that entry two years ago, I wrote, by way of introducing this, about how time and distance had changed and complicated things in Mary Anne's and my relationship:

[...] she started out 45 minutes' drive from my place, then moved to Utah in 1999, and to Chicago in 2002. Airplanes, phone calls, emails; visits to each other's homes, meeting up at conventions and workshops.

And M's anniversary entry today remarked on some of the same things, and talked about some of the other changes wrought by life. But although we've had some rough spots lately, I'm glad we're still together (despite the geographical distance) after all this time.

So, with all of that in mind:

Twelve years ago today, who would have guessed

That after all these flights here's where we'd land?

The paths we take are not the ones we've planned;

Who knows where wandering hearts will come to rest?

Today, across a continent we stand,

Knights-errant, after years and miles spanned;

To find a path can be a sort of quest,

Confronting every obstacle and test.

But even when we aren't at our best

We work together, mind and heart and hand.

I cannot help but feel that I am blessed;

Our lives are twined; and weaving strand with strand,

So may we find, with joy and love and laughter,

A different kind of happy ever after.

I love you, Mary Anne. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

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