Cute baby-animal photos

I wonder which there are more of on the the Internet: cute animal photos or porn photos.

Anyway. Kam and I wandered past ZooBorns the other evening; I had seen the site before but had previously successfully resisted its charms. But this time we got sucked in, and before we stopped, we had run into dozens of adorable baby animal pix.

Then again, some of them are not so much cute as alien:

And some are kind of funny:

But some, of course, are just cute.

4 Responses to “Cute baby-animal photos”

  1. Anonymous

    I’m pleased you included tawny frogmouth pics, but these are still far and away my faves:

  2. Jackie M.

    Oops, that was me.

  3. Debby B.

    That rhino had me cooing.


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